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  2. Hopkinsville in the houe

    Welcome!!! I am in the Cookeville area! You will love it here
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  4. Choosing a lift kit

    Need help. Looking at putting a lift kit on my Jeep. I've looked around and found 3 kits that I'm thinking about. One is the AEV 4.5 lift kit. Another is the Teraflex 4.5. and the last is the Rubicon Express 4. I'm looking at spending around $3000 to $4000. If anyone can help with which one is the best and the benefits of each one, that would be great. Or if you know of a kit in that price range that is better please tell me. Thanks
  5. Hopkinsville in the houe

    I'm Mike and I just joined. I'm new to the jeep community so I am still learning. I am a retired firefighter with alot of time on his hands to go to different places. I own a 17' JKU which is deemed my mistress.
  6. Cookeville being Represented!

    I'm in Jackson county and an glad to hear from you.
  7. Cookeville being Represented!

    Just wanting to say HI! New to a Jeep but loving it. So much better than a tracker. I am in the Cookeville area. Would be happy to cruise around with people. We mainly cruise backroads of Jackson County with our S.A.S. (Schnauzer Assault SQUAD).
  8. New from vanleer

    Welcome. Check out our FB page. This forum is dead.
  9. New Member from Bellevue

    Welcome. Check out our FB page. This forum is dead.
  10. Lifts.

    Unfortunately this forum is dead and no longer has much activity. Check out the FB page. You will get more responses there
  11. New Member from Bellevue

    Hello. We're new to jeeping and looking forward to meeting up and going out on some trails.
  12. New from vanleer

    Hello all i am new to the jeep world i have always owned z71's. I cant wait to get my decals abd be part of you guys offically. I look forward ro riding with some of yall.
  13. new from bellevue tn

  14. Lifts.

    I'm looking at the Metal Cloak 3.5" game changer with 6 pack shocks. I would like to know, does anybody have any knowlage of the pros and Cons for this lift?
  15. Liking the Metal Cloak 3.5" game changer with the six pack shocks. Does anybody have experience with this that would be able to give me the pros and the cons prior to pulling the trigger on this buy.


  16. new from bellevue tn

    Welcome from Galllatin
  17. New from Clarksville

    Welcome from Gallatin
  18. New from Clarksville

    I'm new from Clarksville. 😀
  19. new from bellevue tn

    How many peeps around Bellevue?
  20. A metal dash panel for an '85 CJ...

    Couldn't wait long and decided to order that metal panel ( Totally love how it looks, at least at the pictures... So let's give it a try, hope the installation will go smooth and the dimensions will match what I have.
  21. Hi everyone, I am a new memeber of your guys forum. And, I recently bought an old good '85 CJ (frankly, it is in a so-so condition, but that's fine). I have got a lot of plans about it, as now it's sitting in the garage and waiting for the spring to come. I've already noted the key things I must work on (about the suspension, steering, new tires, body work, etc.). So by spring I will have some time to check out the threads here and learn some other things about my new investment... Here's what I wanted to ask you folks. My dash panel is ugly and old, but the gauges seem to be pretty much okay. So I thought on the ways to make it look nice, and recently came across metal dash panels, which are made specifically for the CJs with all cut outs and stuff. They are like brushed metal, and I was wondering maybe someone here tried out such panels? If so, are they cool? Aren't they always dirty with the fingerprints and stuff? Would be grateful for any thoughts on these...
  22. Hello

    Welcome from Gallatin
  23. New to the club.

    Welcome from Gallatin
  24. New to the club.

    Welcome from Mount Juliet!
  25. Hello

    Welcome from Mount Juliet!
  26. New guy.

    Welcome from Mount Juliet!
  27. New guy from Alabama

    Welcome from Mount Juliet!
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