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  1. Moab, 2015

    Kev, You guys have a blast. Keep pict's coming.
  2. Car Show For Bailey

    Good looking wheels.....Shark
  3. Tennessee Yellow Dot program?

    This and all the new auto parts discounts.....WOW, there are benefits everywhere. Proud to be part of this group!!!!!
  4. What Can You Contribute To The Forum?

    You left out the bit about the dance instructor......just sayin.
  5. Wrenching Event Oct-26-27th at the Jeep Ranch!!!

    Really nice meeting everyone today. Thanks for everyones help with the new springs. Look forward to next time.
  6. The College Football Thread!

    Watched the game last night also and thought this is gonna be a long season if things don't improve on both sides of the ball, especially D-fence. I'm chalking it up as historically they have played to the caliber of the oponient. Sure would be nice to see some sustained drives with points and the D not giving up HUGE plays on 3rd downs. RTR!!!!!
  7. Cleaning with Light

    Got to be the SAFETY guy rubbing off on ya.
  8. Cleaning with Light