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  1. Random chat

    I unfollowed and left the facebook group months ago. Too hard to follow and too many people. I come here from time to time but its pretty much nothing more than a ghost town. The other group I ride with now is active on their forums, and no where near as large and honestly a little less drama. Not that the drama is the clubs fault, 1000+ people on social media hiding behind their computers, there is going to be some bullshit.
  2. Delete Me!

  3. The Old Man is a Fraud

    I'm sure as hell going to miss The Old Man.
  4. Need carrier for d35

    Wrenchman (Bill Van Meter) can probably help you out. These forums are pretty much dead sadly. You would have better luck trying the Facebook page out. Also look up The Jeep Ranch on Facebook, that is Bill.
  5. Random chat

    I posted it on the facebook page since no one ever comes here anymore. deleted. way to go guys.
  6. Random chat

    See I respect and like your opinion Darek. I just feel as if the major beliefs we formed this group on are challenged and done away with. If i went on the Facebook page and posted something that would hurt the widdle feels of the mall crawling, dirt devil riding crowd or said something as controversial as fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck or my original post would be deleted and I banned. Even though that would be against the club's founding policy. I respect the opinions of the original members and those who have been around for a while on the forums but that Facebook crowd can take a drive hrough an Iraqi minefield in their mall crawlers with their rear window stick figure families and chrome for all I care.
  7. Random chat

    Then I didn't see the need for a second vote if it didn't pass the first time around but I guess that didn't happen because he stepped down and walked away. My rant is not really about Wally. Love him or hate him, kick him or keep him. My rant was more on the way it read handled and the violations of long standing club policies. Starting with the personal attacks I read in the Facebook page. It was a full on lemming train. The majority of the idiots on the page have never met or conducted business with him but they were going to bash him and his family and follow the others off the cliff. Let's not even get into the back stabbing. People I've seen him help for free, people I've seen him joking and cutting up with on rides and people I considered him friends with were joining the attack. I guess I realized who you can trust and who you can't. It was a bit of an eye opener. Next would be how this was all handled. To say this situation was handled piss poorly would be a compliment. We had a similar situation occur not long after I got brought into the fold. It got some attention but the staff member was not allowed to be drug through the mud or have names hurled at them or their family online for hundreds/thousands to see.... Let alone bashed by other staff members... It was dealt with in a conference call with all parties involved. If people wanted to know the details, all they had to do was ask. Now onto all the stuff about posts being deleted is another issue. I don't care if it is on here or on the Facebook page. Jeeps and Wrenches posts shouldn't be deleted unless it's obvious spam. Brian made the comment yesterday that Facebook posts were different from the forum posts. Personally I don't see how there is any difference. The forum was the main method of communication when we were formed and now the Facebook page has obviously and unfortunately taken its place as that medium. The freedom of speech rule shouldn't change because the communication system has.
  8. Random chat

    The whole club seems shady as fuck to me anymore. Deleted posts on here or on Facebook. Either way it violates the principles that this club was founded on.... Our constitutional right of free speech without fear of an admin banning us for it. Speaking of founding rules, I thought no personal attacks were allowed? Yet I see a lynch mob on the Facebook page. All targeting one individual... Oh wait scratch that, his entire family. The name calling and insults with even staff getting in on it. Absolutely disgusting, not to mention cowardly. It's easy to sound like a bad ass behind the keyboard. If you have something to say to someone, have the balls to do it to their face. I'm by no means saying that Wally is a saint. I am saying that I've always known him to take pride in his work and go out of his way to help people in this club. His personal business dealings are none of my business and sure as fuck none of the club's. This entire thing should have been handled much better. The only thing i have seen in Wally's defense was one post here in the forums against hundreds of Facebook posts from individuals who have never met him personally, let alone done any business with him. The Facebook page more or less started the downfall of this club. It has became a laughing stock for other clubs whose members actually wheel. Now it just has the reputation for being a Facebook social club for mall crawlers and soccer moms. People who drop $20k in accessories on their Jeep and the biggest obstacle it will face will be a curb or fording 3 feet of water on the dirt devil. It has an elitist attitude to it anymore with individuals and cliques inside the club looking down on others. Never what we started off as or set out to be. I should know, I was one of the original charter members the day we were formed in Bill's backyard. As well as playing the role of shepherd leading people here after the exodus at tnjeeps. This post will probably be deleted, I don't really give a fuck anymore and haven't for a while. This club and about, hell I don't know .... 90% of the people associated with it anymore can suck my ass and go to hell.
  9. Official Club Members?

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  10. Avatars

    I sent you a PM Rowdy
  11. RIP Ruby

    Damn Been wanting to buy a nice bumper for my new pick up. Guess I have another reason now Sent from my C811 4G using Tapatalk
  12. New Stuff Coming Out from High Beam - Opinions Pls!

    I'd be interested in a good soft top cleaner. No one likes a black soft top with old mud stains that will not come off. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  13. Official Club Members?

    Hoodies would probably be better or the jackets like hoodies that zip up the middle... I need a replacement. My classic FSU hoodie is worn out.... Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  14. Steven Goble

    Explains why I never could find it lol Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  15. Steven Goble

    Guess that solves that. Sorry Luke Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk