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  1. 2016 Church Shopping?

    So in the new year lots of folks tend to head to Church as something to start fresh at. I just want to offer my Church as a possible location to visit. I will tell you now that Pasture Pete Wilson is a big fan of Jeeps. Our main location is in downtown Nashville by the Titans stadium. We also have satellite locations in Franklin,Bellevue,and a brand new location in Mt Juliet. Crosspoint is an incredible Church and I would love to meet up with any of you if I could. Please feel free to check us out online, we just started a new series for the new year.
  2. AOP - weekend of 9/25

    I really hope to make this john. While it might still be warm and I can run down without doors...
  3. Veteran Event

    Sounds like a great event.
  4. Random chat

  5. Random chat

    WITC should be nice Sunday the 19th.... if you've never been. I highly recommend going. I know there's not a lot of JeepsandWrenches banners down there. Because every time I go folks mention that exact fact to me, in a negative way. I know a lot of members in that area are MuleTownJeepers and that is usually who I ride with.
  6. thoughts on rough country 3.25 lift?

    I had the 3.5 RC lift Put in about 3 years ago. The shocks and steering stabilizer are all in the trash. They have lifetime warranty, but that just had me replacing busted shocks every 4 months.. the dual stabilizer is just to bulky , my drag link hit it often and even got tangled up with it and my tierod on the trails.
  7. March meeting?

    I can scout the area and take some pics to get feed back from you all.
  8. March meeting?

    I think we need to gather at LP field parking lot with Downtown Nashville as the back drop..
  9. Random chat

    My wife's been going for 10 months. And I started Jan 1st. My husky butt has lost 21 lbs so far. I'm there mon/tue/thurs/sat In the mornings around 845. Stop by if you see my jeep, they do free days on Saturdays sometimes and a 101 class every now and then to. I love it and it's way more put together then cross fit.
  10. Random chat

  11. Commercial address to have a hood shipped to?

    im at conway freight in nashville. ship here no problem... c/o matthew ball no that ive read the whole thread i see your good. but for future reference,, still good to ship here.
  12. I know cards have been made and I would like to get another 25 or so. If they were for sale in the store I would gladly buy them to cover cost. Or if I can buy a larger lot of a few hundred I would as well and hand out to others. I just know every time a see a sweet jeep I want to leave them our card. Thanks Matt -OHIIIIIO
  13. Dead '07 JKU Engine

    Keep us up to date on your swap. I'm very interested in how it all went. My 07 has about 135K on it and I'm always waiting for it to crap out on me.
  14. Great new area.

    I've been away from the forum for awhile. Busy with family. And this is the 1st post i made in a long time. Just want to give you a thumbs up on this. It's awesome. I've invited folks here and there to my church at Cross point and now I'm glad there is an area to talk a little more. Thanks Josh..
  15. Anybody need a job or know someone looking.

    Again. Check out the info. Feel free to call Randy during the day to ask any questions you might have. We are looking to hire like 10-18 drivers. You get in on the front side and you can get some quick seniority on other drivers. And that's a big difference when you decide what you want to do as far as driving. We have a few choices of just driving in the city doing pickups/deliveries. Line haul during the day or line haul during the night.