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  1. Hello On May 7 we will be having our 1st Annual J&W Boobs and Noobs at Wooly's Offroad Park. The address is 2000 Mooresville Road Lynnville TN 38472 Please go to the store to buy you tickets. This will a GREAT to learn and have in a no pressure atmosphere. We will have several class,trail rides and supper. Any Question please reach out to Troy Marks or any other board members.
  2. AUGUST J & W RIDE Night ride at AOP

    Our August J & W ride will be a night ride at AOP. Please look at the J&W facebook page . Will list details as the ride gets closer.
  3. J & W JULY RIDE AT The Cove (Clean up ride)

    The July J & W ride will be at Cove. Please see the Jeeps and Wrenches facebook page for details
  4. MARCH MEET & GREET at Spankies in Cookeville

    Karen Gann, one of our East TN Chapter Area Coordinators has planned our March J & W Meet and Greet. It will be held in Cookeville at Spankies. This is a popular local bar and grill type of place. Let's show our support and convoy our way to Cookeville on March 20th. You can meet us there at 3pm or we will meet at 1:30pm at the Pilot Travel Center at 921 Murfreesboro, Lebanon, TN 37090 (right off of I-40 on Highway 231). We will leave from Pilot at 2pm.
  5. until
    Brad Billingsley with Miracle Chrysler Dogde Jeep ram in Gallatin (1290 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, TN 37066) has coordinated a JEEP day for our club and the community to come and enjoy!!! They are clearing the front parking lot and grilling out for us. Spread the word to any jeep peeps that you think would want to come. This will be our APRIL MEET & GREET as well. Come and hang out and get to meet and know more of our club family. Remember, J & W goes BIG....let's show them how we roll. Hope to see you there!
  6. Hello from chapmansboro

    Welcome from Lebanon
  7. Sorry I will not be able to make the meeting. We have a swim meet for our older 2 kids.
  8. Just wondering if there is anything I need to do in here for my membership I did at the Goat Sunday. Thanks 

    1. Bigspoon


      send pickle a message

  9. Hey all, I just wanted to remind everyone of the meeting tonight at Dick's Last Resort downtown at 6pm. We will be gathering ideas for how to better streamline the Rescue and Recovery process. I'm hearing that some are having trouble seeing this event in the calendar but wanted to make another post about it. Hope to see you there if you can make it. Thanks.
  10. Below are the forms to read and fill out for becoming a CLUB MEMBER with JEEPS AND WRENCHES...PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD FOR INSTRUCTIONS.. To become a Club Member you need to: Sign up on the forum Visit the forum store and add the Club Membership to your cart. Please fill in all required information and acknowledge that you have read and understand all forms listed below. Please Email if possible to Or mail to Troy Marks 727 Steeplechase Drive Lebanon TN 37090 App, Bylaws and Release can be found on the Jeeps and Wrenches Facebook Page under File. We are having a temporarily problem right now.
  11. Jan Meeting

    Guys I thought the meeting was great. I know we have an issue with everyone not being able to hear me. My wife Ginger would love to have that problem sometimes. A big thanks to Thomas and the others who are going to donate a PA system to us. We will be working to get the minutes of the meeting posted soon. More to come. Remember------Where do you find that at???????? THE FORUM
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    Older Profiles should be working now.
  13. Welcome

    I want to welcome all to the West TN Chapter page in the forum. If you have an event or ride you to let everyone know about please contact Kool Aid Man and they can get on to the calendar. See You On The Trail
  14. Welcome

    I want to welcome all to the East TN Chapter page in the forum. If you have an event or ride you want to let everyone know about please contact Karen Gann or Gator and they can get on to the calendar. See You On The Trail
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