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It’s easy! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the best Off-roading Club in the South??? You get to hang out with the coolest people, be a part of the best events, and have a great time learning more about the sport. Don’t believe me?

This is what our members have to say:


“It's been said before, and the reputation of our club is a product of it. The comradery within Jeeps and Wrenches is tough to match. The levels of experience and knowledge make a weekend with any of you comforting”.  – Jason Mark, member

“A jeep family that plays together stays together. Jeeps and Wrenches blows me away! Your generosity blows me away!” – Robyn McIsaac, member

“The J & W family is the best and I feel blessed to be part of it!” – Charlie Thompson, VP

“I am so glad I found this club!! I am proud to be a part of such a great group of people who genuinely look out for each other on and off the trail.” – Lisa Cecil, member

“I’m in it for the Hot Wings.” – Corey Gully, member

Not evidence enough?

Well, our members automatically get enrolled in SFWDA as a part of their membership to Jeeps and Wrenches. Not to mention all the perks and discounts basically pay for the membership multiple times over in a year.

Find out how to become a member here:

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