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Jeeps and Wrenches is a jeep club that welcomes ALL off-road enthusiasts. We welcome all people who share a common enthusiasm for off-roading in a safe environment. We also strive to further the knowledge of the capabilities of our off-road vehicles through group activities and to share expertise with others who are interested in our hobby.
We are a group that is very active in the world of JEEPS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, and HELPING NEIGHBORS. That is how and why we formed our group and is at the very core of our club. Complete strangers with the common bond of Jeeps - helping each other build their rigs, taking people into their shops and homes to share knowledge and sometimes spare parts as well as supporting each other on the trails. Spending hours on end helping each other with NOTHING expected in return, nothing more than a “pay it forward” attitude to just pass on what you can to another jeeper in need. That help may come in the form of friendship, knowledge of mechanical problems, encouragement out on the trail, or donations and service to others.
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